The Hera Project emerges as a strategic response to the multifaceted challenges faced by women entrepreneurs, exacerbated by the disproportionate impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. The evidence from market surveys and studies in Romania highlights persistent gender disparities in business, including pay gaps and limited representation in management positions. Despite widespread belief in the suitability and trustworthiness of women in business roles, practical hurdles persist. The project aims to address these issues by developing tools and methodologies that empower female entrepreneurs through education and training initiatives. The focus is on creating a comprehensive e-learning platform, informed by global best practices and piloting testing outcomes, to provide relevant guidelines on innovation education. Ultimately, Project Hera seeks to bridge gaps, foster inclusivity, and equip women with the skills and strategies necessary for entrepreneurial success in a challenging economic landscape.


The project major objectives are:

  1. Increasing the competencies of adult education trainers and learners by giving them new training methods in the entrepreneurial sector;
  2. Increasing the supply of high-quality skills development programs in digital learning context that will suit female entrepreneurship needs and increase ability of organizations from the learning sector and adult education to realize their mission by providing access to the resources increase the probability of a successful innovation;
  3. Increasing the entrepreneurial women competencies and businesses from rural areas rate.
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