During this project several international meetings took place, as follows:

  • TPM = Transnational Partner Meeting, meant to help the management team better pland and organize the project;
  • LTT = Learning, Teaching, Training sessions, helping participants study the matters discussed in the project.

Multiplier Event, Croatia 31.01.2024

& Multiplier Event, Italy 31.01.2024
The fourth and fifth multiplier events of the HERA project took place on January 31st, in Croatia and Italy. The project’s results were shared to hundreds of people and years of research were shared and promoted through the project’s results.

Multiplier Event, Germany 29.01.2024
& 2nd Multiplier Event, Romania 30.01.2024

The second and third multiplier events of the HERA project took place on January 29th and 30th, in Germany and in Romania. The handbook, the guide and the website were promoted towards trainers and women from rural areas to encourage entrepreneurship education and entrepreneurship for women.

Romania, 11-12.01.2024

The final TPM of the HERA project occurred in Bucharest between the 11th and 12th of January. During this meeting, all four project teams engaged in discussions and planning sessions to outline the upcoming steps until the end of the month.

Multiplier Event, Romania 11.01.2024

The first Multiplier Event for HERA took place on January 11th in Bucharest, where gratitude was extended to the guests from Italy’s INFOR ELEA, Germany’s Solaris Förderzentrum für Jugend und Umwelt, and Croatia’s Sindikat hrvatskih učitelja. During the event, the hosts disseminated one of the project’s results—an entrepreneurship handbook designed for women in rural areas.

Germany, 20-24.11.2023

During the LTT participants observed, through various training sessions and visits, how women become entrepreneurs in rural areas of Germany. In the initial phase of the meeting, a female entrepreneur from the rural environment advised and shared her experience in female entrepreneurship, followed by another woman who explained to participants how to attract funds for starting a business. In the continuation of the project, participants had the opportunity to visit 3 businesses managed by female entrepreneurs in the rural area near Chemnitz. Through the visit to local businesses, participants could witness how these women handle daily responsibilities and benefited from the opportunity to learn from their experiences.

During the TPM the partners discussed about the last stages of the HERA project.

- Croatia, 05-09.06.2023

During the LTT participants developed their knowledge on Entrepreneurship and How Women Could Develop Their Businesses in Unwelcome Environments. Among teambuilding activities, 20 participants managed to discover the secrets to successful entrepreneurship and became prepared to teach others about business management and building the confidence to start out with your own idea.

Italy, 05-09.09.2022

Over the stay, the partnering teams visited a Start Up accelerator to find out more about the struggles faced by small businesses. They also attended a presentation about entrepreneurial skills, held at the TPM hosts’ headquarters: INFORELEA.

During the TPM, activities started with an overview discussion among the partners from Romania, Germany, Croatia and Italy, spanning project objectives and next steps to achieve them. Overall, this TPM established the ground foundation for the project managerial structure and following research.

Romania, 07-08.07.2022

The first TPM put the grounds to the entire project and made all the partners realize how greatness can be achieved by working together. 


The Hera Project emerges as a strategic response to the multifaceted challenges faced by women entrepreneurs, exacerbated by the disproportionate impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The project aims to address local needs through strongly oriented educational solutions, leveraging interactive digital tools. The overarching goal is to boost competencies of adult education trainers and learners, specifically targeting women entrepreneurs with secondary education from rural areas, and ensure effective utilization of innovation capacity and skills.

  1. Increasing the competencies of adult education trainers and learners by giving them new training methods in the entrepreneurial sector;
  2. Increasing the supply of high-quality skills development programs in digital learning context that will suit female entrepreneurship needs and increase ability of organizations from the learning sector and adult education to realize their mission by providing access to the resources increase the probability of a successful innovation;
  3. Increasing the entrepreneurial women competencies and businesses from rural areas rate.

Our partners are from Romania, Germany, Italy and Croatia.

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