The Handbook

One of the project’s results is the Entrepreneur’s Handbook – Training Methodology and Self Assessment guide: a very useful tool meant to help women from all over the world learn on their own in a self-paced environment. This handbook is providing basic knowledge for women to become the amazing entrepreneurs they can be.

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
    1.1 HERA Project
    1.2 Importance of Women in Entrepreneurship
    1.3 Importance of Entrepreneurial Development in Rural Areas
  2. Basic Entrepreneurial Concepts
    2.1 Entrepreneurial Skills
    2.2 Marketing and Sales
    2.3 Market Analysis
    2.4 Human Resources Management 
    2.5 Business Management
    2.6 Financial Plan
    2.7 Sustainability
    2.8 Pollution Reduction
    2.9 Information and Communication Technology Elements 
    2.10 Pitching
  3. Opening a Company from A to Z
    3.1 Essential Steps
    3.2 Legislation
  4. Business Plan Model
  5. Examples of Funding Opportunities
  6. Tips and Tricks
  7. Contact and Partners
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