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We know that starting out a business is a true challenge for people all over the world.

On this page you can find resources and activities that can help you fix the knowledge gathered through exploring this website. Make sure you've covered our materials (mentioned down below) and see what else we prepared for you!

In order to have basic knowledge in what entrepreneurship requires and means you can check the handbook we created for you.

Also, we prepared for you a best practice guide which comprises information from all of the countries involved in the implementation of the HERA project. Here you have proven global best practices in the field of entrepreneurship.

Develop a clear vision for your company’s future and communicate it effectively to inspire and motivate your team. Leadership is very important for successful businesses, and you should work towards creating value for your team and lead by example.

Then, build a pitch that convinces anyone your business is amazing! Know your audience and be a true persuader.

What are the business essentials?

When you create your business plan, you need to think of everything: from people to materials.

Test your knowledge with the following quiz!

Creating your business model

Creating your business model might be a difficult step, but it's important to understand what you have to do and all the necessary terms. Check your knowledge!

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What are the elements necessary for a good financial plan? (select all that apply)

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What are the elements necessary for a good management and organizational plan? (select all that apply)

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Fill out the empty place:

SMART technique for setting objectives represents a framework commonly used in goal-setting and project planning to ensure that objectives are well-defined and can be effectively executed.  SMART is an acronym that stands for Specific, Measurable, Achievable, ___________and Time-Bound.

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An useful market analysis is comprised of industry analysis, researching market trends and expectations, a competitor analysis and understanding customers' behavior

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What does SWOT analysis stand for?

Your score is

The average score is 20%


Find out more about entrepreneurship:

StartupNation offers entrepreneur-curated content for personal growth, connecting users with experts and fostering peer interaction. It serves a diverse range of businesses, from sole proprietorships to complex ventures.

WEgate serves as a genuine network, providing women entrepreneurs with tangible opportunities in terms of knowledge, networking, and valuable insights.



The Hera Project emerges as a strategic response to the multifaceted challenges faced by women entrepreneurs, exacerbated by the disproportionate impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The project aims to address local needs through strongly oriented educational solutions, leveraging interactive digital tools. The overarching goal is to boost competencies of adult education trainers and learners, specifically targeting women entrepreneurs with secondary education from rural areas, and ensure effective utilization of innovation capacity and skills.

  1. Increasing the competencies of adult education trainers and learners by giving them new training methods in the entrepreneurial sector;
  2. Increasing the supply of high-quality skills development programs in digital learning context that will suit female entrepreneurship needs and increase ability of organizations from the learning sector and adult education to realize their mission by providing access to the resources increase the probability of a successful innovation;
  3. Increasing the entrepreneurial women competencies and businesses from rural areas rate.

Our partners are from Romania, Germany, Italy and Croatia.

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