The project aims to address local needs through strongly oriented educational solutions, leveraging interactive digital tools. The overarching goal is to boost competencies of adult education trainers and learners, specifically targeting women entrepreneurs with secondary education from rural areas, and ensure effective utilization of innovation capacity and skills.

The fast-evolving educational landscape hinges on knowledge and innovation, influencing the competitiveness of learning centers, economies, and individuals. Innovation in this context is particularly crucial, arising from experience-based skills and informal processes, notably shaped by the challenges posed by the Covid-19 pandemic. However, barriers such as organizational issues and a lack of innovation expertise hinder progress. To foster innovation, there is a pressing need for skilled teaching methods, upskilling of staff, and support for innovation in the learning process. This is especially pertinent in the adult education sector catering to women entrepreneurs, particularly those from rural areas, who can contribute significantly to family businesses. The preparatory phase study reveals a significant lack of innovation understanding and skills among trainers dedicated to women entrepreneurship, necessitating collaboration with partners from diverse economic and innovation backgrounds.

Project’s results:

  1. The Entrepreneur’s Handbook – Training Methodology and Self Assessment guide: a very useful tool meant to help women from all over the world learn on their own in a self-paced environment. This handbook is providing basic knowledge for women to become the amazing entrepreneurs they can be.
  2. Online E-Learning Platform: every output of this project will remain on the online platform and so different learning materials will remain available to anyone interested in entrepreneurship and entrepreneurship in rural areas.
  3. Best Practice Guide: the content of the guide will provide relevant teaching and training guidelines on the topic of innovation education based on our piloting testing outcomes and proven global best practices- provide the pilot testing phase experience – “do’s” and “dont’s” when trying to develop.
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